Staff Testimonials



Donalda is one of the best places I've worked for.

Daniel Soerensen
University of Toronto
Forensic Science Biology Specialist, Graduate



 With an amazing team and fun working environment, Donalda is a great place to earn valuable experience. Everyone is very open and have great personalities, and I never get bored. Everyday is different and memorable, and I wouldn't hesitate to come back.

Camille Narag
Seneca College
Flight Services, 2nd year


I had a great time working at Donalda and I met a lot of wonderful people on the way.  It was a blast and a great experience.  All the best to everyone and keep it 100%.  Cheers.

Ashlee Sinamban
George Brown College
Culinary Management, 2nd year



Donalda is a great place to work! The staff and members are very friendly and it is an enjoyable place to work everyday!

Casey Graham
Western University
Business Management & Organizational Studies, 2nd year



The Donalda Club has challenged me to work in ways I never have before. The workers are fantastic and have truly made working a fun experience. I recommend the Donalda Club!

Michael Caldara
York University
Health Management, 2nd year


The Donalda Club is a great place to work at for those who enjoy working in the outdoors with a great group of coworkers. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Jonathan Ponder
Dalhousie University
Geophysics, 2nd year



 From Day 1 of my employment with Donalda, I was excited to be spending my summer out in the sun. As the job went on, that excitement never faded. This has been the most enjoyable work season I've ever had. Amazing experience!

Nicholas Reddon
University of Western Ontario
Fine Arts, 2nd year


Donalda creates an enjoyable work environment for its staff members. They host
fun social events where everyone can chat and have a great time!

Sherly Chan
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2nd year

Working at Donalda has been great! It was fun and a great learning experience!

 Ce Ce Huang
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2nd year


Donalda Club is a great environment to be a part of, I enjoy coming to work
everyday and truly I am going to miss it here.

Stephanie Brown
Wilfrid Laurier University
Biology, Graduate


I had a great summer at Donalda! The staff was amazing and I gained a lot of experience with serving and general things. Thanks!


Carlena Chhin
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 1st year

Working for Donalda has given me great insight on the hospitality field and private clubs. I enjoyed working here as I gained the experience to interact with people more and be confidant about it.

Eileen Kuo
Seneca College
Hospitality Management, 1st year


It was a fantastic summer to be working at Donalda and it was a pleasure working with all the staff in the food & beverage department.

Joletta Lee
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2nd year


Great place to work!

Daniel Roccasalvo
Commerce, 3rd year


Donalda Club is an excellent venue to enhance one's knowledge and skills. It provides the staff with a family-oriented environment which makes it an enjoyable place to work.

Karla Mutuc
Seneca College
Travel & Tourism Flight Services, 1st year


I loved working here at the Donalda Club over the summer of 2013. The staff and members made every 
day enjoyable and will be missed. I recommend working here to all those who wish to have the opportunity to be part of an exceptional golf and country club in the city.

Matthew O'Halloran
George Brown College
Food & Beverage Management, 1st year


Working at Donalda has been a great experience. The staff is very friendly and helpful! The environment and atmosphere of the club is amazing (has a nice view), this was a memorable summer for me.

Kareen Tsui
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2nd year


Working at Donalda Club this summer has been an amazing experience. I learned so many new things and overcame challenges that I didn't think I could be capable of. I met many new friends and the members/staff are friendly. I don't regret it and am glad to have had the opportunity.

Tracy Truong
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2nd year


It was a pleasure to see all the new and returning staff this year. As always I had a blast this summer and wish everyone the best.

Alexander Boake
George Brown College
Special Events Planning, 2nd year


The Donalda Club is a safe, fun and friendly work environment. The club places a special emphasis on 
personal development which I have found to be unique among most work environments.

JohnPaul Weppler
Carleton University
Public Affairs & Policy
Management, 3rd year


The Donalda Club is an excellent employer and I thoroughly enjoyed my period of employment and look forward to continuing.

Joshua Sack
Brock University
Political Science, 3rd year


Donalda Club is an employee-friendly place for those who would like to start their career in the hospitality industry.

Xiao (Sherry) Yue Liu
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 3rd year


Working at Donalda for another summer has been wonderful I have learned so much from my time here.

Liliane Wong
University of Guelph
Hotel & Food Administration, Graduate



Donalda is an excellent place to work, full of welcoming and hardworking employees. I have enjoyed my time at the Donalda Club as well as the people I have been able to meet.

Ryan Cox
Western University
Finance, 3rd  year


Working at Donalda is an absolute pleasure and has been my favourite work environment to date. Everyone you come in contact with is friendly and welcoming which makes this job so enjoyable!

Alex Siroishka
Wilfrid Laurier University
Biology & Environmental
Science, 1st year



I came to Donalda Club looking for a job: I found so much more - friends and family. I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful place and working side by side with such caring and loving people. Working at Donalda Club is not only fun and rewarding but also an opportunity to learn and grow.

Jeffrey Rombaoa
University of Toronto,
Commerce, 1st year


Donalda is a great place to work. They provide students with a great opportunity to not only work but grow and learn more about the industry.

Jiliana Au
Seneca College
Hospitality Management - Hotel & Restaurant, 2nd year


The Donalda Club has provided me with a great summer work experience! I've met so many amazing people and had the opportunity to develop my skill set.

Isabel Driver
McMaster University
Studio Art, 2nd Year

Working in the golf department was a great experience because the staff I worked with were exceptional and made me strive to do better at my job.

Shelby Szostakowski
York University
Arts in Communication
Studies, 3rd year

Working at Donalda is an experience that should not be taken for granted! My skills are sharpened and I had an experience that I can share throughout my lifetime. Love the Donalda family!

Rai'd Zaidan
George Brown College
Culinary Management
& Nutrition, 2nd year

Donalda helped me grow as a person and reach my professional goals. I loved working in the Golf department in the Professional Shop and meeting the amazing members. I want to thank everyone for a great and memorable summer.

Brittany Epple
Brock University
Sports Management, 3rd year


Donalda has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a great team of staff.

Shawn Atwell
Humber College
Energy Technology, 2nd year

Donalda has been a great place to work and most days it doesn't even feel like I'm at work. Donalda provided both the members and the staff with a homey atmosphere, making every minute an enjoyable one.

Ioana Draghiciu
Guelph University
Human Kinetics, 2nd year

I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a friendly and diverse group of people. This was certainly an unforgettable experience.

William Kresky
Ryerson University
Hospitality & Tourism Management, 1st year

Donalda Club provided me with a great work experience. I now have skills that I've never had before which will assist me in my future endeavours. It is a wonderful place to work for, and I am glad I got the opportunity to do so.

Samantha Pais 
Seneca College
Human Resources Management, Graduate

It's been a great pleasure working for Donalda! In the grounds department you get to work under wonderful supervision while enjoying the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer. Great place!

Daniel Soerensen
University of Toronto,
Forensic Science Biology Specialist, Graduate



My experience at Donalda was nothing short of incredible. Their amazing training gave me the tools to not only be successful, but excel in any career that involves customer service. Donalda also gave me an opportunity to see my full potential in the hospitality industry, motivating me to never be anything but the best at every task, whether big or small. I am really lucky to have been part of the Donalda family for the Summer and I am ecstatic to see what the future has in store.

Daniel Gomez
Ryerson University
Major, 2nd year